An Adventure for Thousand; Lester’s Yard Opens

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Adventure Playground News


The Islands first Adventure Playground has officially opened!  Lester’s Yard is a playground like no other on the Isle of Man; a playground dedicated solely to children and their play.   A place where children can build, destroy, climb, dig, cook and even get bored. 

we appreciate that you may be keen to bring your children to Lesters Yard, but we do have certain rules… 

1. We operate an open access policy… in other words this ins’t a child minding service.  Children can come and go as they please.  So if you want your child to attend, make sure that they are capable of making their way home on their own.

2. We are limited to the number of children we can accomodate, depending on the number of staff on site.

3. Whilst you are welcome to visit and get a feel for the place we ask that you leave your child at the earliest opportunity.

4. Children are allowed to use tools and experience open fires.

5. If you wish to register your child, click here


Lester’s Yard Adventure PLayground has been created in partnership with Douglas Borough Council and sponsorship from the Manx Lottery trust