Photography and other media policy

Photography and other media policy

This policy explains why Isle of Play take photos and make videos/audio recordings, how we use and store them, and addresses other questions you may have.

Isle of Play uses photos and other media such as videos and audio recordings to promote the work we do. Photos and other media are a helpful way of enabling our supporters to engage with our work and understand its impact.

We want to ensure that people are happy to be photographed, videoed or recorded and understand how the images, videos and recordings will be used. We recognise that people may have their own reasons for not wanting themselves to be photographed, videoed or recorded and we are committed to respecting this.

Photographs and other media such as videos and audio recordings in which individuals can be identified can be seen as personal data, and must be collected, stored and used in line with data protection principles. This policy should therefore be read alongside our broader privacy policy. [WEBLINK TO PRIVACY POLICY]

  1. “Why do we take photos?”

There is a strong body of evidence which shows that images and videos are powerful tools in fundraising and on social media. Photos and videos of young people, volunteers, staff and supporters help us communicate the difference our work makes and raise support for it.

Isle of Play uses these photos, videos and audio recordings in a range of ways, including:

  • on our website
  • on social media
  • to make greetings cards, calendars, etc
  • in leaflets and posters for our work
  • in funding applications and reports to our sponsors and partners
  • in external publications/articles about our work
  • in presentations and training sessions
  1. “What steps do you put in place to protect my privacy and keep me safe?”

If Isle of Play take photos or make videos or audio recordings of you, here’s what we will do to keep you and your images, videos and recordings safe:

2.1 We only use images/recordings with your permission.

Before taking photos, videos or audio recordings of you, we will tell you (if you are over 18) and also an appropriate adult (if you are under 18) about our plans. We will tell you (and/or the appropriate adult) when the images or recordings will be taken, what Isle of Play will be use them for and how long we will use them. We will also tell you how to inform us if you change your mind about our using your image, video or recording.

If it is related to a Forest School session then permission will be sought via the relevant school, education provider or carer who brings the young person to the Forest School session.  During a PlayingOut session, parents/carers are specifically asked about consent to photographs at the signing in point.  At the Adventure Playground, photography consent will be sought during the registration process.  At fundraising events which are open to the general public, we will have a notice board indicating that photographs or video may be taken and, wherever possible, the photographer will ask permission of the appropriate adult prior to taking any close up photographs of a child rather than general crowd scenes.

After we explain the above, we will ask you to confirm you understand what we have told you and to give your consent. If you are under 18, in line with our safeguarding processes, we will also need consent from an appropriate adult (such as a parent, foster carer or social worker). You (and the appropriate adult, if necessary) will be asked to fill out a consent form.

2.2 We will tell you if we are taking images or recordings at public events

Sometimes Isle of Play may take photos, videos or audio recordings at events, such as fundraisers or report launches. In these cases, we will let all attendees know that photographs will be taken and/or videos/recordings will be made. We will give people an opportunity to opt out of having a photo taken.

If we host an event where children or young people are present, we will explain our photography and other media policy to any professional photographers, the press or other guests. If any child or young person does not want their photograph taken or shared on social media, we will make this clear to all present.

2.3 We will inform our photographers and videographers about our approach to media and ensuring your privacy

If we arrange for images or recordings to be taken, we will tell the photographer our expectations of them in relation to safeguarding. Photographers will never have unsupervised access to children or young people.

2.4 We will keep your images and/or recordings safe

We put processes in place to ensure that your photos, videos and audio recordings are kept safe and, when appropriate, disposed of securely. We will not sell your photos, videos or recordings to a third party.  We will allow our sponsors

  1. “Who owns the photos you have of me?”
    If Isle of Play takes or commissions any images or recordings, Isle of Play will own them.

We ask any people taking images or recordings on behalf of Isle of Play to agree that Isle of Play owns the copyright of those images or recordings. Owning the copyright means that Isle of Play can control the use of your photos and recordings.

If the photographer is an Isle of Play employee, and the photos are taken as part of their job, the copyright belongs to us unless there is an agreement to the contrary.

  1. “How can I change my mind?”
    If you change your mind about us using your photo, video or audio recording, you can let us know any time. Please contact:
  2. “How can I complain?”

If you have any concerns or complaints about how we are using your photo, video or recording, please contact Chris Gregory, Chief Executive Officer:

October 2018